Remember, remember…

… the month of November
The characters, setting and plot;
When scribes of all ages put novels to pages,
Or (at least) give the challenge a shot.

However, whomever, you write this November,
It all boils down to the text:
Though resolve may diminish, you’ll get to the finish
With one word preceding the next. 

Two days in, and I spent yesterday returning from a fantastic holiday and wedding in beautiful Queenstown (I should probably reverse those, but they’re chronological, not in order of importance). So I’m playing catch-up today, after working through a week’s worth of client enquiries and jobs (all done, clients!) collecting the dog and running errands.

This year, I’m breaking the rules if not the spirit of NaNoWriMo: I’m writing a novel that I’ve already started, the sequel to my Fallen Shepherd Saga. However, I won’t cheat, i.e. the first 6,314 words won’t be going toward my total.

That’s it for now, better get back to the characters, and hope I remember where I left them.