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Fallen-Shepherd-Saga-120pxFallen Shepherd

The dark ones never forget a hunter. For Antonio, newly-former priest, that’s not a great thing. It gets worse when he’s confronted by two bodies and the unmistakable trail of a succubus. Why the Hell did it have to be a succubus?

He might have lost his title, lost his identity, lost his backup; but he still has his blade, and this hunt might offer a chance at redemption, a chance that Antonio desperately needs.

I’m currently finishing a fully revised and expanded version of this novel, which was originally published as three serial stories and a combined omnibus. Watch this space for updates!

The Truth Is in Here – $3.99 (e-book) – $11.49 (paperback)

Martin has a problem. Several, actually. His girlfriend thinks he’s insane, that’s probably number one on his list. The bills are a lesser worry, admittedly, but won’t pay themselves. Oh, and a nebulous evil organisation is scheming against him, which is also of concern.

Martin must appease said girlfriend, persuade his closest friends of their imminent peril, and come to terms with a pseudo-homeless thespian who, against all evidence to the contrary, just might be his saviour. It’s all taking longer than he expected.

Part manifesto and part cry for help, this book offers Martin’s truth, which he needs to share with you.

If you aren’t one of them.

The Lonely Stars – $0.99

A sequence of Shakespearean Sonnets, exploring the cycle of grief from various common perspectives, including humour, spirituality and rationality. A few years on, there is much I would change about the arc of the work; but it contains many poems that I remain proud of, and writing it was a formative experience.

Many people suffer from a chronic affliction, causing them to shudder when Shakespeare’s name is mentioned. The cause is usually a particularly shitty English teacher, and the symptoms can be lessened by controlled exposure to accessible works. The Lonely Stars combines the Shakespearean techniques and sonnet form with modern language, and might just offer a passable gateway to the more venerable material.

If you don’t use the Kindle store, or want a different format, the ebook is also available at Smashwords, which supports a wider range of devices out of the box.

I also have a couple of dozen paperback copies remaining, at $15 NZD each – please use the contact page if you would like one.