On Holy Ground

Fallen-Shepherd-Saga-On-Holy-Ground-120wI’m really excited to announce the conclusion to the Fallen Shepherd Saga, On Holy Ground.

It’s written, beta-read, edited and waiting on a couple of administrative details to go live… Hopefully by the beginning of next week. The blurb is one of those details, so I’ll leave you in suspense until then!

Now available on Amazon for $2.99 USD – link.

I’m also preparing a combined anthology version of the Saga, which will include an expansion to Holier Than Thou, but that will be a few weeks out.

Update 6/05/15On Holy Ground is now in the publishing queue, and will be live in a few hours’ time! Here’s the blurb, while you wait:

“Lead me not into temptation.” It’s a petition, not a guarantee. And some temptations run deep.

The war is begun, and Rome is on the move. Something is stalking the hunters, and Antonio appears to be their most wanted. It should be flattering, given the circumstances, but they had to get personal about it.

With an ancient evil in play, Antonio must choose between the people he loves and his very soul. And he just might take the world with him.

Shelley’s Christmas Surprise

So Lisa and I came back from PAX Aus feeling all kinds of inspired about the creative scene in Australasia, and decided that we need to actually follow through on more of our ideas. Our first collaborative project (since the last murder mystery) is an Advent Calendar. Concept and art by Lisa, writing by me.

We’ll be updating it every day until Christmas, and asking for reader input as the story progresses – the album is public on Facebook if you want to participate.

Book: Holy Smoke

Fallen-Shepherd-Saga-Holy-Smoke120wI’m really pleased to announce the release of Holy Smoke, Part two of The Fallen Shepherd Saga. The ebook is available now at $1.99 here.

Antonio has nothing against killing. Well, there is that whole “thou shalt not” thing, but he’s confident that only applies to humans. Mostly confident.

Being shot at is something different, though. It shows a distinct lack of professional courtesy, especially when you’re left with too many suspects and too little Kevlar. Tony’s bridges still smoulder, but a bullet is one hell of an incentive to start rebuilding.

Part two of The Fallen Shepherd Saga, a serial story. Holy Smoke can be read as a stand-alone volume, but is best read after Holier Than Thou.

Holy Smoke update

So, in between fits of excitement, I’ve been working on Holy Smoke (part two of The Fallen Shepherd Saga) and I’ve just finished the developmental edit. In non-publishing speak, that means it’s almost ready to go: it’s heading back to my beta readers to make sure I haven’t made any (more) mistakes, and the cover is being designed. I have a couple of other projects to work on this week, but I’ve already started writing Book 3, and I’m really happy with the way the saga is coming together.

Update: Holy Smoke will be released on September 20th (PST), and is available for pre-order now here!

Edit: If this post makes no sense, you probably need to start with Holier Than Thou, a standalone short story and the introduction to this serial.

Book: Holier Than Thou

My latest project is an urban fantasy serial. Book one, Holier Than Thou, has just been released, beginning the story of an ex-priest and monster-hunter as he continues to battle his demons (worse puns inside).

You think it’s tough, being a priest? It’s even harder when you leave, alive. Especially if you were a holy warrior, a hunter of the dark ones. They’re still out there, and they don’t forget. It pays to have friends in that situation, and Antonio has a friend who pays… So that pays twice? 

Two dead bodies, a know-it-all mentor and a succubus. Not much of a case title, but that’s how this mess began. 

I’m currently working on part two, Holy Smoke, and aiming to release it in early September. Urban fantasy is one of my favourite genres, so I’m really excited to play with my own story, and hope you enjoy it.

Holier Than Thou is out now on Amazon at $0.99.