And lo, they come…

… the malware distributors and exploiters of sites, slinging their unholy scripts and overcoming all obstacles to speak their gospel of vi4gr4 and other apparent desirables to the heathen masses.

So, yeah. The site was hacked.  Better yet, my dutiful backup routine contained one tiny flaw: the archived backups (sorted by month, no less, on redundant devices) were missing almost every second file, and all of my uploads. Thank you [unnamed backup vendor]. You made my afternoon.

Lesson of the week: don’t take anything on faith when it comes to site security or the backup process.

We’ll be using a default theme while I work on a new design for the site, which is much more fun than trying to re-create the lost one. It’s time to get more responsive anyway, and overdue for our long-suffering (but gracious and uncomplaining) mobile visitors.

In better news, I’m working on a new stand-alone novel, and I’m having a great time with the characters and the world. I’ve also got a non-fiction project nearing the editing room, and a few short-stories that are almost ready for publication.

Will post again soon, but now it’s off to test a new backup script, and re-upload at least some of the site images.