Book: The Truth Is in Here

Click here to purchase the electronic version of my newest book: The Truth Is in Here, a quirky story told through the voice of an arguably lovable but troubled conspiracy theorist.

The paper version is now also available on Amazon, at the same link. ($3.99 and $12.00 USD, respectively)

Martin has a problem. Several, actually. His girlfriend thinks he’s insane, that’s probably number one on his list. The bills are a lesser worry, admittedly, but won’t pay themselves. Oh, and a nebulous evil organisation is scheming against him, which is also of concern.

Martin must appease said girlfriend, persuade his closest friends of their imminent peril, and come to terms with a pseudo-homeless thespian who, against all evidence to the contrary, just might be his saviour. It’s all taking longer than he expected.

Part manifesto and part cry for help, this book offers Martin’s truth, which he needs to share with you.

If you aren’t one of them.