The witnesses speak

There is an art to choosing a phone,
or any gadget, really.
It starts with the marketing, of course –
there’s something out there for you,
something new and remarkable –
you can check the specifications,
can read the reviews,
but the moment of desire really starts
when you first catch sight of it,
and soon becomes a need, driving you
to make it your own.

Marriage is a little less creepy than that.

Marriage is not an art. It doesn’t have a regular upgrade cycle, or come in the shiniest packaging.

But it starts with the same moment of need and desire, the same irresistible impulse.

It won’t fix what is broken. It isn’t about a sudden change, or revelation.

But it is about the essence of love and generosity of spirit, a commitment to share your life with another, and it matters, to you and to us.

You get married today, but we
we watch,
we witness,
and we share in your vow.

We may not always be there in times of sickness – especially if it’s contagious.
Our paths may diverge, may take us from you for weeks or years at a time.
But we stand with you today, and in doing so
we offer our love, our support and our every intention
to help you both as you continue the path you walk.
To encourage and support and listen in the hard times
to laugh and share in the good times,
and we stand witnesses, this day and into the future, to the love you share,
and the meaning it brings to our own and to your lives.