It’s dark inside

Fatigue is but a word, so far removed
A shadow of the sweaty groans it brings,
When all I need is sleep, and yet unmoved,
I lie and fight his tugging at my strings.

My eyes are crumbling, weary mines of red,
And yet I cannot let the nightmare wake,
To sleep, perchance to usher in the dread,
I’m still aware. I’m vigilant… I break!

As silent shadows slink around my sight,
And blindness bids me stumble into sleep,
I lose my last connection to the light,
And all alone, in darkness do I creep.

And though I call them dreams, I know inside,
I sleep as Jekyll, but I stalk as Hyde!


This piece was written for Nika Harper’s Wordplay #14. The challenge was a sonnet, with the prompts “fading light” and “discovery.”